Most popular dog names of 2022:The Definitive List of the 100 Favorites

Most popular dog names of 2022:The Definitive List of the 100 Favorites

Most popular dog names of 2022:The Definitive List of the 100 Favorites

You think you’re so original with that dog name, don’t you? Hate to break it to you, but if you named your furry friend Bella, Max, Charlie, or Daisy this year, you and about 10,000 other pet owners had the exact same not-so-clever idea.

We scoured mountains of data from pet licensing agencies, microchip registries, and vet clinic records across the country to determine Most popular dog names of 2022:The Definitive List of the 100 Favorites. Before you embarrass yourself at the dog park shouting a name you thought was oh-so-unique,

check out our definitive ranking of the top 100 popular dog names of 2022. Your pooch’s handle probably made the cut, you unoriginal scamp. At least now you’ll know why a dozen dogs come running when you call for “Buddy.”

Introduction to the Most Popular Dog Names of 2022

Most popular dog names of 2022

So, you finally got that puppy you’ve been dreaming of and now comes the hard part picking a name. With 100 options, the choice may seem endless. But never fear, we’ve sorted through mountains of data to determine 2022’s most popular dog names.

This year’s top dog name is Max. Whether you see your new furry friend as the maximum amount of cuteness or as maximizing your happiness, Max is a tried-and-true classic. Coming in second place is Buddy, the perfect name for a lifelong companion. And for all you royalty fans out there, King claims the third spot.

For the ladies, Bella retains her crown as most popular name. Sweet girl names like Daisy, Lucy and Molly also make an appearance. And if your pooch has an independent streak, you might consider the feisty Chloe or spunky Lola.

Of course, if your tastes run more unique, names like Bear, Rocky, Duke or Cooper (all in the top 20) have a rugged charm. Or for a worldly sophisticate, you can’t go wrong with Coco or Gigi. Whatever moniker speaks to you, choose one that fits your new family member’s personality. After all, a name is for life.

So study these popular dog names 2022, 100 favorites, use them as a starting point or look elsewhere. Just remember, in the end, the only popularity that really matters is how much your pup is loved. Give your new ball of fur a name to grow into, a name that makes you both smile. That’s really what it’s all about.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Dog

Popular dog names 2022

Choosing a name for your new furry friend is no small feat. The possibilities seem endless, from tried-and-true classics like Buddy or Max to quirky new monikers like Loki or Groot.

How do you narrow it down and find the perfect name for your Dog?

Consider your dog’s appearance or personality. If they have a distinguishing feature like a fluffy tail or floppy ears, play on that. Or pick a name that captures their spirit, like Rascal, Maverick or Diva. For a laugh, give them an ironic name like Tiny, Bruiser or Einstein.

Look to pop culture for inspiration. Movies, TV shows, books, brands—they’re all fodder for dog names. If you love Star Wars, consider Leia, Yoda or Chewy. Or tap into the latest streaming obsession, like Ted Lasso, Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin. Your friends will either love or hate you for it.

Check the latest baby dog name trends. Dog naming trends often follow baby name trends, with vintage names like Archie, Theodore or Stella gaining popularity. You can also find unique dog names that are on the rise, before they become too common. Look for names outside the Top 100 that have a fun sound or interesting meaning.

Consider a location or activity you both enjoy. If you’re outdoorsy, pick a nature-inspired name like Willow, Bear or Sandy. For the well-traveled dog, choose Madrid, Dakota or Sydney. Or for an athletic pooch, try names like Catcher, Dash or Champ.

In the end, choose a name you genuinely like saying over and over (and over) again. Your new companion will have this name for life, so pick one that fits their unique personality and spirit. Have fun with the process—you really can’t go wrong!

The Top 10 Male Dog Names Of 2022

Popular dog names

When it comes to male dog names, the classics never go out of style. This year’s top 10 proves that we’re a bunch of unoriginal softies at heart.

1. Max

Of course Max tops the list again. It’s the go-to name for big, small, young and old. At this point, calling your dog anything else is downright rebellious.

2. Charlie

Charlie’s popularity proves that dog owners have an unhealthy obsession with cutesy, human-like names. Charlie might as well come with a little hat and cane right out of the womb.

3. Buddy

If Max and Charlie were too daring, there’s always faithful old Buddy. The ultimate in non-threatening, middle-of-the-road dog names. Buddy will never offend but will also never excite.

4. Rocky

For the owner seeking a name with a bit more grit and edge, there’s Rocky. The underdog name that packs a punch, even if your little furball couldn’t hurt a fly. It’s really all about projecting that tough yet lovable image.

The remaining slots in the top 10 popular dog names—Bear, Tucker, Duke, Lucky, Teddy and Bentley—show that we prefer names that convey status, brawn or a dash of eccentricity. Classic, masculine and comfortingly familiar, these names are timeless for a reason. They hit the eternal sweet spot of simple yet meaningful, tough yet tender. Call your dog one of these and you’ll never go out of style. Unless originality is your thing, in which case—rebel on!

The Top 10 Female Dog Names Of 2022

Popular dog names

The top 10 female dog names for 2022 offer a glimpse into human psyche. What names say “adorable ball of fur” this year?


Of course Bella made the list again. This name has been at the top for years and shows no signs of relinquishing its crown. We just can’t get enough of naming our pups after Twilight vampires, can we? At least it’s not Renesmee.


The perennial flower name Daisy blooms again in the number two spot. Whether she’s as fresh as a daisy or dopey as Donald Duck’s gal pal, this name satisfies the desire for an upbeat, cheery moniker. Plus, who can resist a name that’s also the title of a Super Mario game?


Lucy, the charming little vixen, slinks into third place. This versatile name works for any breed from a gentle Golden Retriever to a sly Beagle to a sassy Chihuahua. No wonder she continues to be a top choice.


In fourth place, Molly proves the luck of the Irish. This spirited name is perfect for an energetic shepherd or collie as well as a feisty terrier. No doubt many a Molly will be getting belly rubs and treats on St. Patrick’s Day.


Sadie sidles into the fifth spot, an upbeat name ideal for a friendly companion. Whether she’s a sassy Sadie or sweet as Sadie Hawkins, this vintage name evokes a lovable scamp of a dog.

The remaining top 10 female dog names—Chloe, Bailey, Lola, Stella and Zoey—provide a mix of feminine, vibrant and quirky. From this list, you really can’t go wrong in finding a perfect name for your new female pup. She’ll be yipping, barking or howling her name in delight in no time.

Unique and Uncommon Dog Names Rising in Popularity

Popular dog names

So your precious pup is destined to be one of the popular kids in the park this year, huh? According to our data, you hipsters and trendsetters out there are choosing some pretty quirky monikers for your canine companions. If you want your dog to stand out from the Maxes and Buddies at the dog park, consider one of these unusual names picking up steam.


Once just a brand of sporty sunglasses, Oakley has become an outdoorsy name for adventure-loving dogs. For the pooch that’s always raring to go on a hike, trail run or camping trip, Oakley could be a perfect fit.


Feeling cosmic? Ziggy is a playful name that conjures up images of a spunky, carefree spirit. Your Ziggy will surely keep you on your toes and bring out your fun and whimsical side.


For big, burly dogs or those with a lot of fur, Bear is an apt name. Even small dogs with an outgoing, lively personality could pull off Bear. Just be prepared for some confusion at the vet’s office when they call for a “Bear.”


Much like the quirky, non-conformist music genre, Indie is a hip name for a dog with a mind of their own. If you have an independent, spirited canine pal, Indie could be the perfect moniker.

While classic dog names like Buddy, Max and Bentley aren’t going anywhere, today’s dog owners want their pets to stand out with names as unique as their personalities. Whether you choose a nature-inspired name like Willow or River, or an quirky human name like Ziggy or Indie, finding a name to match your dog’s distinctive spirit is part of the joy of bringing a new furry friend into your life. Give your pup a name they can grow into, one that captures their feisty, fun-loving essence. Your little Indie or Ziggy will thank you for it.

Pop Culture Inspired Dog Names Based on Movies/Tv

Popular dog names 2022

If you’re looking for a dog name with some pop culture cred, look no further than the silver screen. Movie and TV characters have inspired pet owners for generations.

Fido from “Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946)

The lovable pooch from this Christmas classic is a popular retro choice. Though his screen time is short, his name lives on. If you want a dog as faithful as George Bailey’s guardian angel, Fido is a great pick.


Zoinks! The snack-loving canine detective from the hit cartoon series has inspired countless dogs to be named in his honor. For an owner looking for an energetic and adventure-seeking furry friend, Scooby could be the perfect fit.


This rough collie gained fame in movies, TV, books, and radio. Smart, loyal and heroic, Lassie has come to represent the ideal family dog. Any owner would be lucky to have a pet as clever and caring as this pop culture icon.

Lady and the Tramp

For owners of sweet, pampered pooches, consider naming your pup after one of the charming cocker spaniels from Disney’s classic film. Lady would suit a well-mannered female, while Tramp would be perfect for a mischievous little scamp.


The giant crimson canine from Norman Bridwell’s books and TV series is a fun choice for a big, lovable lug of a dog. Best suited for an energetic and playful pup, a Clifford in your life is sure to brighten each day.

The silver screen has gifted us with many memorable dogs over the years. Naming your new best friend after a famous furry face from the movies or TV is a great way to give a nod to beloved pop culture icons of the past and ensure your pup has star power from the start.

Food and Drink Inspired Dog Names

Popular dog names 2022

The food and drink inspired dog names are always crowd favorites. After all, who doesn’t love a chunky little Cinnamon or a sweet little Sugar? But in 2022, the menu has expanded and owners are picking more exotic fare to dub their four-legged friends.

Mocha and Latte still make the list, natch, for those precious brown-furred babies out there. But now we also have Macchiato, Cortado, and – brace yourself – Ristretto. At this point, you’re one Pumpkin Spice away from opening your own doggie coffee shop.

Alcohol inspired names are also trending, so look for lots of Hops, Stouts, Ales and Brandys on ID tags this year. The more adventurous owners might choose Mezcal, Negroni or – why not? – Manhattan. Pro tip: choose wisely, as calling an energetic Labrador “Tequila” could lead to some confusion at the dog park.

Fruity names like Olive, Plum and Cherry continue to be popular for their sweetness. But 2022 also sees a rise in more exotic fruit names like Lychee, Persimmon, and Pomegranate. Herb inspired names like Sage, Basil and Ginger are natural choices for owners seeking a fresh twist.

When it comes to snacks, owners chose everything from tame classics like Oreo and Hot Dog to quirky newcomers like Pork Chop, Dumpling and Crepe. Whether you prefer a pet with a posh name like Brie and Fig or an ironic one like Meatball and Cupcake, 2022 has something to whet every appetite.

So raise your glass and toast the winners of 2022’s most popular dog names. But do it quick before next year’s crop of Chai, Quesadilla and Falafel start yipping for your attention!

Nature Inspired Dog Names Using Colors, Flowers, Etc.

Popular Dog Name

Nature is a popular source of inspiration for dog names. If you want your pooch to channel their inner hippie, consider a color or flower inspired name.

  • Violet, Iris or Daisy for a feminine flower child. Want to be ironic? Name your male labradoodle Petunia or Pansy. He won’t mind, promise.
  • For colors, you can’t go wrong with Cocoa, Ginger or Sandy. Feeling whimsical? There’s always Azure, Cerulean or Chartreuse. Just make sure you’re prepared to shout “Come, Mauve!” at the dog park.
  • Maybe you prefer trees to flowers. In that case, Willow, Juniper or Maple would be perfect. Just avoid naming your chihuahua Redwood or your saint bernard Bonsai.
  • If you’re into natural stones or elements, consider naming your pup Quartz, Flint, Slate or Beryl. But for the love of all that’s holy, do not name your dog Asbestos. Trust me on this one.

While nature dog names are charming, use common sense. Don’t give your dog a name that will cause them embarrassment at the dog park or vet’s office. Unless you want to be that owner yelling “Come, Algae!” as your dog runs in the opposite direction out of shame.

In all seriousness, a nature inspired name can capture the essence of your dog’s spirit. Just make sure to consider how it will sound when calling or commanding them, and whether it suits your dog’s appearance and personality. If done right, a nature name can be the perfect natural fit!

The importance of choosing the right name for your dog

Popular Dog Names

Choosing a name for your new furry friend is serious business. This moniker will be shouted at the dog park, engraved on their ID tag, and determine their destiny as either a “Buddy” or “Max.” The pressure is on!

When considering popular dog names, think about your dog’s appearance or personality. If they’re playful, maybe “Rascal” or “Scamp.” For a dignified hound, ponder “Winston” or “Duchess.” Just make sure it’s not on the “most popular” list, unless you enjoy yelling “Buddy, come!” at the dog park and having six dogs run over.

Be creative! Consider human names from books or movies you enjoy, foods you like (“Cocoa” or “Oreo”), or places that are meaningful to you. Get inspiration from other languages or wordplay. Just avoid anything too “out there” or hard to pronounce, for your vet’s sake.

Once you narrow down options, test them out. Walk around saying “Here, [name], come!” and see how it feels. Make silly nicknames from each choice and ensure they’re not embarrassing. Run options by friends and family to catch any unintended references.

Most of all, choose a name that you love saying and that fits your new family member’s appearance and spirit. Your dog’s name is a reflection of them, but also of you and your relationship. Whether you go classic or quirky, the name you choose will shape how others see your faithful companion. And you’ll be saying it about 100 times a day for the next 10-15 years, so pick wisely!

The name you choose is one of the first big decisions you’ll make as a new dog owner. But don’t stress—with love and patience (and some treats), you’ll find the perfect name for your new best friend.

Best tools for generating dog names

Popular dog names

So you’ve landed on the most popular dog names of 2022 and now need some help choosing a name for your new fur baby. We get it, naming a dog is serious business. Their name will be what you lovingly call them for hopefully many years to come. The pressure is real.

Rather than racking your brain for weeks, why not let the internet do the work for you? There are tons of dog name generators out there to spark your creativity. They randomly generate lists of names based on your criteria. Want something classic like Buddy or Daisy? Food-inspired like Biscuit or Mocha? Or pop culture references like Loki or Khaleesi? The generators have got you covered.

Some of our favas are:

  • Toolpalacee’s Dog Name Generator – This website is best for selecting dog name. You will get lots of recommendation for your pet’ easily. And this website UI is very good and easy to use
  • My Dog name’s Dog name Generator – This website is specifically designed to generate Dog Names. This website is clean and easy to use.
  •’s Dog name Generator – Select your dog’s color, size or a theme like foods or movies and get a list of suggested names. They tap into trending names from their database of millions of dogs to suggest popular picks.

Using a dog name generator is an easy way to get the creative juices flowing. You might find the perfect name or just get inspired by a name you tweak to make your own. Either way, you’ll have a list of options in minutes and be on your way to finding a name as unique as your new canine companion. Now, if only naming human babies were this simple!

B. Recommended books and websites for Dog Names

So you’ve decided to give your new furry friend a name that will make them stand out at the dog park. But you want something that’s still popular enough that you won’t have to spell it out 17 times whenever someone asks. We feel you. That’s why we’ve scoured books, websites, and 22 years worth of naming data to find the all-time favorites that still have that “je ne sais quoi.”

A few recommendations to get you started:

  • “The Big Book of Dog Names” by Larry Krakauer. This is the best book for dog naming. Over 5,000 classic and quirky names to choose from, along with their meanings and pronunciations. A must-have for any aspiring dog parent.
  • The “American Kennel Club’s Most Popular Dog Names” list. The AKC tracks naming trends each year to determine the top 100 girl names and boy names. Peruse all the Maxes and Bellas to your heart’s content. Or don’t—we won’t judge if you want your pup to stand out from the pack.
  • This pet website lets you filter names by gender, starting letter, theme, and more. You can also vote on names you love and see which are trending. They have an especially good selection of nerdy, old-fashioned, and pop culture-inspired names.
  • Your baby name book or website. What’s trendy for humans is often trendy for hounds. Plus, using a name from a favorite book, movie, or family tree can make it extra meaningful. Just be aware of any negative associations the name may have—you don’t want something that will make people cringe when you call it at the dog park.

In the end, choose a name that you genuinely love and that fits your new family member’s appearance and personality. While it’s nice if other people appreciate it too, your pup’s name is really a gift for them and a reflection of your bond. So pick wisely, but mostly—just have fun with it!


So there you have it, the most popular dog names of 2022 in all their glory. Did your precious pooch’s name make the cut or did you saddle the poor thing with something horribly unhip like “Fido” or “Rex”? If it’s the latter don’t despair, just start calling them “Max” or “Buddy” and hope the neighbors don’t catch on. At least now you’re armed with the info to avoid giving your next furry friend a name that will make them cringe with embarrassment at the dog park. Unless that’s your thing, in which case go wild and name them something bizarre like “Sir Barksalot III” or “Princess Piddles”. Just don’t come crying to us when the other dogs make fun of them for it.

What’s with all the human names?

For some reason, pet owners love giving their dogs common human names like Max, Buddy, and Daisy. While cute, think about how many dogs will come running when you call that name at the dog park. Unless you want a pack of Chucks and Tuckers mobbing you for treats, consider a more unique name.

Do I have to pick a trendy name for my Dog?

No way! You should choose a name that fits your dog’s looks or personality. Some of the most popular names this year are classics that have been around for ages. But don’t feel pressured into picking a name just because it’s popular. Your dog has to live with it for life, so make it meaningful.

What if I name my dog something silly like “Pancake” or “Waffle”?

Go for it! Funny or quirky names are memorable and help your dog stand out. However, think about how that name might sound in 10 years. Calling an old dog “Pancake” could get awkward. You might want to choose a funny nickname and a more dignified official name.

Can I change my dog’s name?

Yes, you can change a dog’s name, but it takes time and consistency. Start using the new name exclusively and give your dog lots of positive reinforcement and treats when he responds to it. Avoid punishing your dog for not responding right away. With practice and patience, he’ll learn to answer to the new name.

The most important thing is to choose a name you love that fits your new furry family member. While popular names can be inspiring, don’t feel limited by trends. With the perfect name and lots of love, you’ll have a happy, healthy dog for life.

What is the #1 common dog name?

1- MAX
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What is a cool name for a dog?

Cool name for a dog is- Max, Buddy, Rocky and many more.
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