Popular Cat Names 2022

[ Updated] Popular Cat Names 2022

Popular Cat Names 2022

When you carry a brand new bushy friend into your home, one of the first decisions you may make is what to name them. Whether you have adopted a playful kitten or a complicated senior cat, or Adorable Twin Cat choosing the right and best cat name is important. After all, it’s a name you may be saying infinite time , and it have to mirror your cat’s specific persona and allure.

To help you for your Cat naming adventure, we’ve compiled a listing of 100 popular cat names that range from conventional to quirky. Whether you are into undying classics or fashion-putting monikers, you are positive to discover popular cat names ideas beneath.

Classic Cat Names

Popular Cat names 2022

1. Whiskers: This timeless name perfectly captures the essence of a cat’s facial feature.

2. Fluffy: Ideal for cats with plush, cuddly fur that you just can’t resist petting.

3. Mittens: A classic choice for cats with adorable white paws.

4. Simba: Inspired by the brave lion from Disney’s “The Lion King.”

5. Bella: A beautiful name for a female cat, reflecting her grace.

6. Oliver: A sophisticated choice for a distinguished feline.

7. Luna: Perfect for a cat with a touch of moonlight magic.

8. Tiger: Ideal for cats with a wild and adventurous spirit.

9. Sophie: A name that exudes elegance and charm.

10. Leo: Great for a cat that’s a born leader.

Playful and Quirky Cat Names

Popular Cat Names 2022

11. Paws: A cute nod to those adorable little feet.

12. Noodle: For the cat with a quirky, flexible personality.

13.Mr. Meowgi: A clever play on the name of the famous martial artist.

14. Fuzzball: Ideal for a cat whose fur is extra fluffy.

15. Socks: Perfect if your cat has charming white paws.

16. Peanut: A cute and endearing name for a petite cat.

17. Mischief: Ideal for cats that always seem to be up to something.

18. Pickles: Quirky and memorable, just like your cat.

19. Zigzag: Great for a cat with a zigzagging, unpredictable personality.

20. Jellybean: Sweet and colorful, just like your kitty’s character.

Literary and Artistic Cat Names

Popular cat names 2022

21. Shakespeare: For the cultured and eloquent cat owner.

22. Picasso: Perfect if your cat has a flair for artistic expression.

23. Frida: A tribute to the famous artist Frida Kahlo.

24. Hemingway: Inspired by the legendary author, especially if your cat has extra toes.

25. Sherlock: Ideal for a cat with keen observation skills.

26. Poe: A name that captures the mysterious and poetic side of cats.

27. Monet: Perfect for cats that appreciate the beauty of the world.

28. Cleo-cat-ra: A regal choice for a cat with royal qualities.

29. Van Gogh: Ideal for a cat that brings a touch of artistic brilliance to your life.

30. Dali: For a cat that’s as surreal and unique as the artist himself.

Food-Inspired Cat Names

Popular cat names 2022

31. Whisker-lickin’ Good: A playful twist on a classic phrase.

32. Cinnamon: Perfect for a cat with warm, cinnamon-colored fur.

33. Peaches: Ideal for a sweet and gentle cat.

34. Tofu: A quirky choice for cats with a taste for the exotic.

35. Waffles: For a cat that’s as comforting as a Sunday morning.

36. Muffin: Sweet and irresistible, just like your cat.

37. Sushi: Great for cats with a taste for the finer things.

38. Tater Tot: Adorable and easy to remember.

39. Cupcake: Ideal for a cat that’s a little bundle of sweetness.

40. Nacho: A fun and zesty name for your spicy little friend.

Nature-Inspired Cat Names

Popular Cat names of 2022

41. Willow: Ideal for a cat with a graceful and flexible personality.

42. Thunder: Perfect for a cat that roars like thunder during playtime.

43. Misty: A name that evokes the mysterious and ethereal.

44. Stormy: For a cat with a tempestuous and energetic spirit.

45. Sunny: Ideal for a cat that brightens your days.

46. Forest: Great for a cat that loves to explore the great outdoors.

47. Maple: Perfect for a cat with a warm and golden personality.

48. River: For a cat that flows gracefully through life.

49. Rocky: Ideal for a rugged and adventurous cat.

50. Daisy: A name as sweet and pure as your cat’s love.

Famous Feline Cat Names

Popular Cat names 2022

51. Garfield: An homage to the world’s most famous lasagna-loving cat.

52. Cheshire: For fans of Lewis Carroll’s enigmatic Cheshire Cat.

53. Catwoman: Ideal for a fierce and independent female cat.

54. Aslan: Inspired by the majestic lion from C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

55. Hello Kitty: A cute and iconic choice for a beloved cat.

56. Grumpy Cat: In memory of the internet sensation known for her unique expression.

57. Morris: A classic name inspired by the famous 9Lives cat food mascot.

58. Salem: For fans of the witty and magical cat from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

59. Nala: A beautiful name with a touch of African elegance.

60. Figaro: Perfect for fans of Disney’s clever and mischievous cat.

Movie and TV Character Cat Names

Popular cat names 2022

61. Elsa (Frozen): Ideal for a cat with a frosty and regal demeanor.

62. Simba (The Lion King): A brave and noble name for a young cat destined for greatness.

63. Gizmo (Gremlins): Great for a cute and cuddly cat with big ears.

64. Hermione (Harry Potter): A name that reflects intelligence and bravery.

65. Arya (Game of Thrones): For a cat with a strong and adventurous spirit.

66. Yoda (Star Wars): Ideal for a wise and mysterious cat.

67. Shrek (Shrek): A fun and memorable name for a cat with a sense of humor.

68. Tigger (Winnie the Pooh): Perfect for a bouncy and energetic cat.

69. Ewok (Star Wars): For fans of the adorable forest-dwelling creatures.

70. Mufasa (The Lion King): Majestic and powerful, just like the lion king himself.

Historical Figure Cat Names

Popular Cat Names 2022

71. Cleopatra: For a cat with an air of regal confidence.

72. Galile: Ideal for a curious and inquisitive cat.

73. Tesla: A name that captures the spark of your cat’s personality.

74. Da Vinci: Perfect for a cat with artistic and inventive qualities.

75. Queenie: Regal and elegant, just like a queen.

76. Amelia: For a cat that’s always ready for new adventures.

77. Darwin: Ideal for a cat that loves to explore the world around them.

78. Aristotle: A name that reflects wisdom and intellect.

79. Mozart: Perfect for a cat with a melodious purr.

80. Plato: Ideal for a cat that’s always pondering the mysteries of life.

Mythological Cat Names

Popular Cat names 2022

81. Zeus: Majestic and powerful, like the king of the gods.

82. Athena: Ideal for a cat with wisdom and courage.

83. Thor: A name that evokes strength and bravery.

84. Aphrodite: For a cat with irresistible charm and beauty.

85. Loki: Perfect for a mischievous and cunning cat.

86. Pandora: A name that reflects curiosity and wonder.

87. Hermes: Ideal for a cat that’s quick and agile.

88. Freya: For a cat with a sense of independence and beauty.

89. Hercules: Strong and mighty, just like the legendary hero.

90. Persephone: Ideal for a cat with a mysterious and enchanting aura.

Music-Inspired Cat Names

Popular Cat Names 2022

91. Bowie: A tribute to the iconic musician David Bowie.

92. Elvis: For a cat with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

93. Jagger: Ideal for a cat that struts with style and attitude.

94. Hendrix: A name that captures the essence of rock and roll.

95. Lennon: Perfect for fans of the legendary John Lennon.

96. Marley: Ideal for a cat that loves to chill and groove.

97. Prince: A name that reflects regal elegance and musical genius.

98. Santana: Perfect for a cat with a smooth and soulful personality.

99. Sia: A unique and artistic name for your one-of-a-kind cat.

100. Zeppelin: A name that soars to new heights, just like the legendary band.

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Remember, selecting a cat name is a private and meaningful selection. Take a while to get to know your cat’s personality, and you’ll find the perfect and best call that suits them to purr-fection. Whether you choose a classic call, a unusual desire, or something totally unique, your cat’s name is a mirrored image of the love and bond you share.

So, as you embark in this journey of feline companionship, revel in each moment, cherish each meow, and can your preferred cat call carry limitless pleasure to both you and your beloved pets. Happy naming!

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