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Parrot Names- Male, Female, Unisex, Funny

As a parrot owner, choosing a name for your parrot is an important decision. You want a name that suits your parrot’s personality, appearance, or the type of parrot they are. With over 350 parrot species ranging from macaws to parakeets to cockatoos, the options seem endless. However, some names are better suited than others.

In this article, we provide lists of male parrot names, female parrot names, unisex parrot names, and funny or punny parrot name ideas. Whether you have an energetic parrot that loves to squawk and dance, a cuddly clown that enjoys interacting with people, or a quieter companion happy to sit on your shoulder as you go about your day, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Your parrot’s name will be something you use for years to come in recalling funny stories, giving commands, and simply calling them in for treats or cuddles. Choose wisely and you’ll find a perfect parrot name Or you can use our tool for it- Pet Name Generator

Popular Male Parrot Names

Parrot Names

Here is popular mala parrot names:

Popular Male Parrot Names

When choosing a male parrot name, you have many options to consider. Popular names often reflect a parrot’s characteristics, appearance or the owner’s interests.

Some common male parrot names are:

•Charlie – A classic, timeless name that is friendly and charming, perfect for an energetic, social parrot.

•Coco – For a parrot with brown or chocolate-colored feathers. This sweet, fun name works well for parrots of many species.

•Buddy – Suggesting a parrot that is sociable, friendly and bonds closely with their owner. Buddy is always a top choice.

•Sunny – Cheerful and bright, ideal for a parrot with a sunny yellow or orange color. Also fitting for a parrot with an upbeat, positive personality.

•Oscar – A dashing, charismatic name suited to an amusing, attention-seeking parrot.

•Rio – Colorful, exotic and musical – a vibrant name evoking images of tropical birds and Brazilian carnival. Perfect for a spirited, vocal parrot.

•Dexter – Meaning “right-handed” or “skillful,” this intelligent, quirky name suits an agile, clever parrot.

•Cody – A fun, playful name for an energetic, mischievous parrot with a sense of humor.

•Ziggy – Playful and eccentric, ideal for a parrot with a bright, amusing personality.

•Lucky – A lighthearted name suggesting a parrot that brings good fortune and joy to their owner’s life.

In the end, choose a name that fits your parrot’s unique personality and that you will enjoy saying for many years to come. With patience and positive reinforcement, your parrot name will quickly learn to recognize and respond to their new moniker.

Cute Female Parrot Names

Parrot names

Cute female parrot names:

When naming a female parrot, you’ll want to consider characteristics that match her personality and appearance. Cute names are always a popular choice for pet parrots. Consider the following options:

Sweet Names

Names like Coco, Chanel, Daisy or Lola convey a sweet, charming quality ideal for an endearing female parrot. Sugar, Honey and Sweetie are straightforward but fitting choices.

Colorful Names

If your parrot has vivid plumage, a colorful name may suit her well. Scarlet, Violet, Sapphire or Ruby would be fitting for a red, purple, blue or red parrot respectively. Sunny or Daffodil would brighten up a yellow parrot.

Nature-Inspired Names

The natural world offers many lovely parrot name options. Consider Flora, Willow, Jasmine, Ivy or Olive. Bird-related names like Avery, Wren or Robin are also possibilities.

Classic Names

Timeless, feminine names are always a good option. Consider Parrot Names such as Lucy, Daisy, Sophie, Chloe or Zoey. Classic names like Elizabeth, Charlotte, Emma or Amelia would also suit a distinguished, ladylike parrot.

Whimsical Names

For an energetic, playful female parrot consider more whimsical names such as Giggles, Feisty, Diva, Princess or Sassy to match her fun-loving personality.

In summary, when selecting a cute name for your female parrot, consider characteristics such as color, nature themes, classic femininity or a whimsical, spirited quality to capture her essence. A sweet, charming name is always a safe, loving choice for your feathered companion. With patience, you’ll find the perfect name to match your parrot’s unique spirit.

Unisex Parrot Names

Parrot names

Here is Unisex parrot names:

When choosing a name for your parrot, you have many options to consider. Gender neutral names are a popular choice as they can suit either male or female parrots. Here are some suggestions for gender neutral parrot names to consider:


Colors make wonderful gender neutral parrot names. Some options include:

  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Forest
  • Sky
  • Indigo
  • Cobalt


Names inspired by nature, landscapes or the environment are lovely for parrots. For example:

  • Willow
  • Fern
  • Brook
  • Shell
  • Sunset
  • Horizon


Edible items and spices can lead to cute parrot names. Think:

  • Coco
  • Ginger
  • Almond
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Cinnamon


Naming a parrot after an exotic place or location can be quite fitting. For instance:

  • Rio
  • Sahara
  • Everest
  • Nile
  • Amazon
  • Delta

Funny Names

If you prefer an amusing or witty name for your parrot, here are some funny yet gender neutral options:

  • Trouble
  • Rascal
  • Luna (moon in Spanish but suits either gender)
  • Kooky
  • Zany
  • Quirky

In summary, when choosing a gender neutral name for your parrot, consider colors, nature, foods, places or funny names. The options are many, so take your time and choose a name that you find most suitable and loving for your feathered friend. With the right name and proper care, you and your parrot will surely form a close bond for life.

Funny and Punny Parrot Names

Parrot names

When selecting a name for your parrot, consider going with something funny or punny to match their playful and social personality. Humorous names can make interactions with your parrot even more amusing and help to strengthen your bond.

Plays on “Polly”

The classic name “Polly” lends itself well to puns and wordplay. Some options include “Poll E. Anna” (polyanna), “Polly Esther” (polyester), or “Polly Tician” (politician).

Famous Names

Naming your parrot after a famous person or character can lead to some clever puns. For example, “Sherlock Beak” (Sherlock Holmes), “Captain Jack Sparrow” (Pirates of the Caribbean), or “Harry Squawker” (Harry Potter).

Rhyming Pairs

Rhyming names are always a popular and punny choice, such as “Cracker Jack” and “Zac,” “Bill and Jill,” or “Bonnie and Clyde.” You could even choose pairs of rhyming names from famous duos.

Common Phrases

Twisting common phrases into parrot names often results in silly puns, e.g. “Curiosity Killed the Parrot” (curiosity killed the cat), “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush” (a bird in the hand…), or ” What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Parrot” (what’s good for the goose…).


Names with repetitive initial sounds have a poetic, fanciful quality suited to parrots, such as “Peter Piper,” “Coco Chanel,” or “Daisy Duke.” Alliterative names are highly memorable and roll off the tongue.

With the right funny or punny name, your parrot is sure to elicit smiles and laughter from all who interact with them. Choosing a clever, whimsical name is a great way to showcase your parrot’s bright, amusing personality. Their name can become a perfect icebreaker and help others to connect with your feathered friend.

Famous Parrot Names From Movies and TV

Parrot names

Famous Parrot Names From Movies and TV

Parrots are popular exotic pets and have starred in many memorable roles on screen. Some of the most well-known parrots in film and television have even inspired pet owners in choosing names for their feathered friends.

Alex from The Good Son

In the 1993 thriller The Good Son starring Macaulay Culkin, Alex is the parrot owned by Mark, played by Elijah Wood. Even though Alex only has a small role in the film, his name is a popular choice for parrots, especially African Greys. The name Alex, short for Alexander meaning “defender of man,” is a timeless and distinguished choice for a parrot.

Blue from Rio

The 2011 animated film Rio features a Spix’s Macaw named Blu who cannot fly. At the beginning of the film, Blu lives as a pet in Minnesota, but he travels to Rio de Janeiro to mate with the only other known Spix’s Macaw, Jewel. The name Blu, referring to his vibrant blue feathers, is an apt choice for a parrot with predominantly blue plumage. The pairing of Blu and Jewel also inspired many parrot owners to give their birds matching or thematically related names.

Iago from Aladdin

In Disney’s 1992 animated film Aladdin, Jafar’s sidekick parrot Iago provides comedic relief with his sarcasm and dry wit. Although Iago acts as a villain’s companion in the movie, the name itself has a heroic meaning. Iago is a Spanish name derived from Jacob, meaning “supplanter” or “one who grabs at the heel.” For parrots with a cheeky and clever personality, the name Iago would be quite fitting.

Other notable parrots from movies and television include:

  • Charlie from Charlie’s Angels
  • Petey from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
  • Loretta from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Crackers from Too Close for Comfort

Mythical and Magical Parrot Names

Parrot names

When choosing a name for your parrot, consider a magical or mythical name to capture their intelligence, beauty and fantastical qualities.

Names from Mythology

Mythological names conjure images of ancient tales and lore. Names like Zeus, Athena, Apollo or Artemis evoke Greek mythology. Egyptian mythology offers names like Ra, Bastet or Anubis. Norse mythology includes Odin, Freya or Loki. These magical names impart a sense of wisdom, power or mystery suited to an exotic parrot.

Magical Names

Names with magical connotations include Merlin, the legendary wizard, or Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. Fantasy names like Fawkes, Dumbledore or Hedwig from the Harry Potter series stimulate the imagination. Names of gemstones, like Opal, Ruby or Jade, are colorful options.

Whimsical Names

Whimsical, fanciful names like Pixie, Sprite, or Pegasus suggest a playful, mischievous personality. Names of flowers or plants, such as Daisy, Fern, Willow or Ivy have an enchanting, whimsical quality ideal for a parrot.

In the end, choose a name that you feel captures your parrot’s unique essence and spirit. A magical, mythical name can reflect their beauty, intelligence and wonder. Shorter names with distinct syllables are easiest for parrots to learn and remember. With patience and positive reinforcement, your parrot will come to recognize and respond to their new magical moniker.

Parrot Names From Different Languages

Parrot Names

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When choosing a name for your parrot, you may want to consider names from different languages and cultures. Parrots are exotic, colorful birds, so a name with an interesting cultural origin may be fitting.

Spanish Names

Spanish names like Amigo, meaning friend, or Bonito, meaning pretty, can be charming options for a parrot. Other choices include:

  • Chico, meaning boy
  • Linda, meaning cute
  • Rosita, meaning little rose

French Names

The melodic French language offers names like Beau, meaning handsome, Belle, meaning beautiful, or Cherie, meaning darling. Additional choices include:

  • Mon Ami, meaning my friend
  • Petit, meaning little one
  • Tresor, meaning treasure

Hawaiian Names

For a tropical parrot, a Hawaiian name may suit. Options include:

  • Lei, meaning flower garland
  • Lani, meaning sky or heaven
  • Kai, meaning sea

African Names

To honor a parrot’s exotic roots, an African name is ideal. Possibilities include:

  • Zuri, meaning beautiful in Swahili
  • Ayo, meaning joy in Yoruba
  • Kofi, meaning born on Friday in Akan

In the end, choose a name that you find meaningful and that suits your parrot’s appearance and personality. A name from another language or culture can be an excellent way to highlight your parrot’s natural beauty and spirit. With time and training, your parrot may even learn to recognize and respond to its special name.

Nature and Food Inspired Parrot Names

Parrot names

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Nature-Inspired Parrot Names

Parrots are colorful, social birds that many owners choose to name after natural elements, places or foods found in their native habitats. When considering nature and food-inspired names for a parrot, think of words associated with the rainforest, jungle or tropics.

Some suggestions for female parrots include:

•Coco – after the coconut palm, common in tropical climates.
•Mango – the sweet, orange tropical fruit.
•Flora – meaning “flower” in Latin, perfect for a colorful parrot.

For male parrots, consider names like:

•Kiwi – after the brown, fuzzy fruit native to New Zealand.
•Banana – the yellow, curved tropical fruit.
•Forrest or Jungle – perfect names for an energetic, adventurous parrot.

Gender-neutral parrot names inspired by nature include:

•Papaya – the orange-fleshed tropical fruit.
•Toucan – after the large-billed, fruit-eating bird.
•Cocoa – referring to cocoa beans used to make chocolate.

Some location-inspired names for parrots of any gender include:

•Amazon – after the Amazon rainforest, home to many parrot species.
•Andes – the South American mountain range where parrots can be found.
•Orchid – many species of colorful orchids grow in tropical rainforests.

Owners may also consider Parrot names after its natural calls or the sounds it makes, such as:


In summary, nature and food-themed parrot names are an excellent choice for the colorful, tropical parrot. By choosing a name associated with the parrot’s natural habitat or diet, you are giving it an fitting name that reflects its beauty and origins. With so many options, you are sure to find a perfect name for your feathered friend.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Parrot

Choosing the perfect name for your parrot is an important decision that requires careful consideration. As a lifelong companion, your parrot’s name should reflect their unique personality and your bond together.

When selecting a name, think about your parrot’s characteristics, appearance, and behaviors. Common parrot names are based on colors, traits, or cultural references. For example, you might name a red parrot “Scarlet” or “Ruby,” a talkative parrot “Chatterbox” or “Gabby,” or a parrot that loves to cuddle “Buddy” or “Sweetpea.” Creative names inspired by favorite books, movies, foods, or places you enjoy together are also meaningful options.

Consider naming conventions for the parrot’s species and gender. For example, many macaw owners use exotic, rainforest-themed names. Owners of male parrots may use more masculine names like “Rex” or “Charlie,” while female parrots are often given feminine names such as “Daisy” or “Lola.” Unisex names suitable for any parrot include “Pippin,” “Sunny,” or “Joey.”

Once you have some options in mind, try addressing your parrot by each name to see how they respond. Watch for a positive reaction to a name, such as perking up, chirping, or coming closer to you. This type of enthusiastic response is a good sign your parrot recognizes and enjoys that particular name. With regular use and positive reinforcement, your parrot will learn to identify the chosen name as their own.

Naming your parrot is a special opportunity to strengthen your bond from the moment they come home. With love, patience, and the perfect name, you’ll build a lifelong friendship with your feathered companion.


As a new parrot owner, choosing a name parrot name is an important decision. You want something fitting for their colorful personality, a name that you will call out for potentially decades to come. With so many options to consider, the name you select should reflect the joy and companionship your parrot will bring to your life.

Whether you opt for a traditional parrot name like Coco or Buddy, or something more whimsical like Sunshine or Rainbow, take your time exploring the many wonderful names that capture the essence of your parrot. Their name is a first gift to welcome them into your family. With care and consideration, you can find the perfect name to match your new parrot’s vibrant spirit. Use our tool – Pet Name Generator

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