Best Peacock Names

Best Peacock Names

Best Peacock Names

As the proud owner of a peacock, you need to be a name that matches your bird’s regal bearing and iridescent plumage. The name you choose will be stays for years to come as you call your peacock friend to feed or display his tail feathers for visitors. With so many options, selecting the perfect name can seem an impossible task.

This article provides a curated list of the 100 best peacock names to inspire you. From the whimsical to the noble, the names here capture the essence of the peacock. Review the options to find a name that resonates with you and suits your peacock’s unique personality. The name that makes you smile when you say it aloud, that’s the one. Your peacock’s name will become a cherished part of your daily life and memories together. Choose 1 best Peacock names from this article or you can use our tool- Pet Name Generator

Popular Peacock Names From Mythology

Best Peacock Names

Popular And Best Peacock Names From Mythology

Peacocks have long been associated with mythology and royalty. Drawing inspiration from mythological figures and deities is a great way to choose a meaningful name for your peacock and can be the best peacock names.

One option is to name your peacock after the Greek goddess Hera’s servant Argus, who had a hundred eyes. In Greek mythology, Argus was turned into a peacock after his death. The name Argus, meaning “bright” or “watchful”, is a fitting tribute.

You could also choose best Peacock names derived from Indra, a deity in Hinduism. Indra rides a divine peacock named Paravani. Names related to Indra like Indranil (“sapphire”) or Indivar (“blue lotus”) reference the peacock’s beautiful blue-green plumage.This can be the best Peacock Name think about it.

In Chinese mythology, the peacock is a symbol of nobility and divinity. A peacock deity named Kongque, meaning “rainbow” or “variegated”, could be an inspired choice. Other options include Yu, meaning “feather”, or Hu, meaning “variegated kingfisher” — a bird closely related to the peacock.

Peacocks have a long and storied history in mythologies around the world. Choosing best peacock name derived from one of these mythological figures or deities is a meaningful way to pay tribute to the peacock’s regal and divine symbolism. With options spanning Greek, Hindu, and Chinese mythology, you’ll have no shortage of elegant and cultured names to bestow upon your peacock.

Best Peacock Names Inspired by Their Beautiful Feathers

Best Peacock Names

Best Peacock names inspired by their iridescent feathers are a natural choice given their striking plumage. Their tail feathers, known as covert feathers, display an array of blues, greens and golds, reminiscent of vibrant jewels and precious metals.


The deep blue tones of the peacock’s feathers are reminiscent of sapphires. Sapphire conjures images of the blue gemstone and signifies truth, sincerity and faithfulness.


The green hues of the peacock’s train of feathers are reminiscent of jade. In many cultures, jade symbolizes purity, serenity, nobility and wisdom. For a peacock, the name Jade signifies their grace, refinement and regal bearing.


Meaning “sky blue” in Persian, Azura is a melodic name that pays homage to the peacock’s azure-colored feathers. Its celestial connotations give it an airy, whimsical quality suited to such a flamboyant bird.


A jewel-inspired name alluding to the vibrant green shades of the peacock’s plumage. Emerald signifies renewal, growth and fertility – all themes mirrored in the peacock’s dramatic seasonal molt and subsequent regrowth of their covert feathers.


Meaning “golden” in Latin, Aurelia is best peacock name that celebrates the peacock’s gilded feathers. Its golden associations with prosperity, success and good health make it an auspicious and life-affirming name for such an ornamental bird.

With their dazzling display of sapphire blues, jade greens and golden yellows, peacocks deserve names as brilliant as their feathers. By bestowing them a jewel-themed or color-inspired name, you pay fitting tribute to their sublime and showy splendor.

Funny and Playful Peacock Names

Best Peacock Names

Choosing a name for your peacock can be challenging given their regal and ostentatious nature. Consider a playful name that embraces their colorful plumage and eccentric personality.

Whimsical Names

Playful names like “King Tut,” “Prince Charming,” or “Sir Feathers” pay homage to a peacock’s royal presence while adding a bit of whimsy. Allude to their iridescent tail feathers with names such as “Rainbow,” “Sapphire,” “Emerald,” or “Opal.” Names like “Strut,” “Flash,” or “Showoff” capture their dramatic displays.

For a peahen, consider “Queenie,” “Princess,” “Duchess,” or “Lady” paired with a colorful name like “Violet,” “Iris,” or “Amethyst.” Alliterative names such as “Pretty Pearl” or “Lovely Lavender” have a whimsical ring.

Pop Culture Based Peacock Names

If you have a favorite movie, book, or TV show, consider a character’s name or reference as inspiration. For example, “Dumbledore” or “Hedwig” from Harry Potter, “Zazu” from The Lion King, or “Morpheus” from The Matrix. Names of mythological birds like “Phoenix” or “Thunderbird” would also be apt.

Inside Jokes

An inside joke or pun meaningful to you can make for an amusing peacock name. For example, “Feather Duster” or “Bird Brain.” A mash-up of two words like “Peabod” or “Pea-Wee” adds some nonsense. Or get silly with “Sir Pecks-a-Lot,” “Pea-cocky,” or “Pea-nut.”

In the end, choose best peacock names that you personally find funny, playful or meaningful. A touch of humor and creativity when naming your peacock will capture their lively spirit and bring you years of joy and amusement watching their flamboyant displays. With regular interaction and training, your peacock will soon learn to respond to the name you bestow upon them.

Elegant and Regal Names for Peacocks

Best Peacock Names

Elegant and regal Peacock names that perfectly suit your new peacock friend. Their iridescent plumage and graceful movements call to mind nobility and grandeur. When choosing a best peacock name , consider one that reflects their dignified and majestic qualities.

Royal Names

Names like Prince, King, Duke or Lord convey a sense of nobility and command respect. Other options in this vein include:

  • Emperor
  • Sultan
  • Caesar
  • Czar

Mythological Peacock Names

Peacocks were revered in many ancient cultures and featured prominently in mythology. Names from Greek, Roman or Hindu mythology strike a grand and mystical tone:

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Krishna
  • Indra

Gemstone and Jewel Peacock Names

The peacock’s dazzling display of sapphire, emerald and amethyst hues brings to mind precious gems and jewels. Names like Opal, Sapphire or Amethyst capture their iridescent splendor:

  • Ruby
  • Jade
  • Crystal
  • Diamond

Exotic and Alluring Names

The peacock originates from the jungles of India and Sri Lanka. An exotic name highlighting their tropical allure and mystique suits them well. Some options include:

  • Rajah
  • Sultan
  • Shiva
  • Kama

When choosing best peacock name, consider your peacock’s unique qualities and the impression you want to convey. A dignified name for a regal bird can enhance their noble stature and reflect the esteem in which you hold your feathered companion. With the proper name, your peacock’s inherent majesty and grace will shine through.

Best Peacock Names From Colors and Nature

Best Peacock Names

Peacocks are known for their iridescent feathers and distinct calls. Their colorful plumage and regal bearing inspire many names that reflect colors, nature, and nobility.


The peacock’s blue-green tail feathers are one of their most distinctive features. Names like Azure, Cobalt, and Ultramarine pay homage to these colors. Sapphire, the deep blue gemstone, is a jewel-inspired name.


Emerald, the bright green gemstone, is a fitting peacock name. Jade and Olive are other green-hued options. Forest, Jungle, and Fern capture the essence of lush greenery.

Gold and Purple

The peacock’s tail feathers shimmer with gold and purple iridescence. Names like Aureus, the Latin word for golden, and Amethyst, the purple quartz gemstone, reflect these regal colors. Violet and Lilac are purple flower names.

Exotic and Majestic Peacock Names

The peacock is a symbol of royalty and nobility in many cultures. Names like Majesty, Emperor, and Regent convey this. Exotic names like India, the peacock’s native land, and Zanzibar capture their tropical beauty. Rajah, the Hindi word for king, and Sultan, the Arabic title for a ruler, reflect nobility.

Nature-Inspired Peacock Names

Peacocks are found in grasslands and open woodlands. Nature-themed names include Meadow, Savanna, and Prairie. Feather and Plume directly reference their decorative feathers. Other options include Skylark, the melodious songbird, and Monarch, the colorful butterfly.

With their dazzling plumage and stately bearing, peacocks inspire many poetic names. Selecting a name that reflects your bird’s natural beauty or noble qualities is a wonderful way to highlight their splendor. Whether you choose a name meaning blue like Azura, green like Esmeralda, gold like Aureus or majestic like Rajah, any of these options would suit these regal birds.

Names From Peacock Native Regions and Habitats

Best Peacock Names

The peacock is native to India and Sri Lanka, so names derived from languages and places in those regions are fitting.

Sanskrit Peacock Names

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language, from which many modern Indian languages are derived. Names like ‘Mayura’ (meaning peacock) or ‘Mor’ are popular Sanskrit-based names.

Best Peacock Names from Indian States

India has a variety of languages and dialects across its states. Some location-based names include:

• Kerala – Names like ‘Thennavan’ or ‘Thankan’ originate from the Malayalam language of Kerala.

• Rajasthan – The Rajasthani languages yield names such as ‘Mor Pankh’ or ‘Nagraj’.

• Tamil Nadu – The Tamil language offers colorful names like ‘Nila’ (meaning blue, a reference to the peacock’s iridescent blue feathers) or ‘Mani’ (meaning gem).

• Karnataka – The Kannada language of Karnataka provides names such as ‘Naag’ or ‘Raj’ (meaning king).

• Gujarat – Gujarati names include ‘Mor Pari’ or ‘Tej’ (meaning bright or radiant).

• Bengal – Bengali names from West Bengal like ‘NilaKantha’ (meaning blue throat, again referring to the colorful feathers) or ‘KrishnaKanta’ (meaning dear to Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu) would also be fitting.

Sri Lankan Peacock Names

Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is also home to peacocks. Names from Sinhala, the main language of Sri Lanka, include ‘Raja’ or ‘Diyasena’ (meaning king or leader). The Tamil language in Sri Lanka also provides options like ‘Manikandan’ (meaning one with a gem-like neck) or ‘Vellaiyan’ (meaning white, referring to the peacock’s white tail feathers).

Choosing a name that reflects the peacock’s place of origin pays tribute to its natural heritage. With so many vibrant choices spanning two countries, you’re sure to find a name as dazzling as a peacock’s display.

Best Peacock Names Based on Their Unique Personality

Best Peacock Names

When considering best peacock names, think about their distinctive characteristics and qualities. Peacocks are known for their iridescent plumage, loud calls, and flamboyant mating displays. Names reflecting these traits will capture your peacock’s unique personality.

Vibrant Peacock Names

Given their dazzling feathers, names like Azura, Iris, or Prism would be fitting. Azura references the bright blue shades of a peacock’s neck and breast. Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow, representing the iridescent eyespots in a peacock’s tail. Prism calls to mind the way light refracts into vivid colors.

Musical Peacock Names

Peacocks are very vocal, with calls that can carry up to a mile away. Names with a melodic quality like Aria, Melody, or Lyric highlight this musical inclination. The genus for peafowl, Pavo, is Latin for “peacock” and could also make a distinguished name.

Dramatic Peacock Names

From their elaborate mating dances to their showy feathers, peacocks have a flare for the dramatic. Names with a theatrical flare include Strut, Plume, or Vanity. Strut and Plume directly reference the peacock’s proud gait and opulent feathers. Vanity conveys the peacock’s knowledge of its own striking appearance.

Mythological Peacock Names

Peacocks have a long history of symbolism in many cultures and religions. In Hinduism, peacocks represent kindness and compassion. In Buddhism, peacocks stand for wisdom and knowledge. Greco-Roman mythology associates peacocks with Hera and Argus. Names from these mythologies, like Argus, Hera, or Pavo (the constellation named for the peacock) reflect this symbolism.

With their dazzling plumage, musical calls, dramatic displays, and mythological symbolism, peacocks have a vibrant and flamboyant character all their own. Choosing a name that embodies these unique qualities will suit your peacock’s expressive personality. Whether you prefer a name focusing on their iridescent colors, musical calls, theatrical displays, or cultural symbolism, these regal birds deserve an equally majestic moniker.

Creative and Unique Peacock Name Ideas

Best Peacock Names

Coming up with a creative name for your peacock can be challenging. Here are some unique peacock name ideas to consider:

Mythological Names

Peacocks were often featured in ancient mythologies, so a mythological name may be fitting. Some options include:

  • Argus: In Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes was a many-eyed giant. The peacock tail feather resembles an eye, so this is an apt mythological reference.
  • Hera: In Greek mythology, Hera’s chariot was drawn by peacocks. As the queen of the gods, this is a regal name for a peacock.
  • Iris: In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. The iridescent colors of the peacock tail feathers are reminiscent of a rainbow.

Royal Names

The peacock is a symbol of royalty and status. Names reflecting this include:

  • Prince: Simple but captures the regal nature of peacocks.
  • King: A bold name reflecting the peacock’s natural majesty.
  • Elizabeth: After the famous British queen. A stately name for a female peacock.
  • Raja: Means “king” in Hindi, reflecting the peacock’s royal symbolism.

Whimsical Names

If you prefer more lighthearted names, consider these options:

  • Feathers: Simple name referring to the peacock’s extravagant plume of feathers.
  • Strut: Reflecting the peacock’s proud strutting gait.
  • Prism: Evoking the vibrant iridescent colors of the peacock’s feathers.
  • Rainbow: Another name reflecting the bright spectrum of colors in the peacock’s tail.

Coming up with the best peacock name for your peacock is a fun creative challenge. Draw inspiration from royal symbolism, mythological references, or the peacock’s colorful and showy nature. With some creativity, you’ll find a unique name that suits your peacock’s personality perfectly.

Peacock Name FAQs: Most Common Questions Answered

Peacock naming questions often arise for new owners. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding peacock names:

Are there any naming conventions or traditions for peacocks?

Peacocks have been kept as ornamental birds for centuries, so there are some established naming conventions. Many owners choose names of Greek or Roman mythological figures, like Zeus, Poseidon or Apollo for males; and Hera, Athena or Aphrodite for females. Royal or noble names like Prince, Duke or Lord are also popular for male peacocks. Females are often given names like Princess, Duchess or Lady.

Should I give my peacock a meaningful or symbolic name?

Some owners prefer to choose a name with personal meaning or symbolism. For example, you might select a name related to the peacock’s beautiful plumage, such as Sapphire, Azura or Indigo for a blue-feathered peacock. A name reflecting positive qualities, such as Pride, Majesty or Vanity could also be meaningful. Selecting a name from your family or cultural heritage is another way to make it personally symbolic.

Do peacocks respond to the names they are given?

While peacocks can become quite tame and socialized to humans, they are generally not able to respond to verbal commands or recognize their own names the way many pets do. However, consistently using the same name when interacting with, feeding or calling your peacock may help it associate that name with your presence and care over time. With regular interaction, some peacocks may come when called by name, especially if they expect a treat or reward. But in general, a peacock’s name is more for the benefit of the owner and onlookers.

What are some classic or popular peacock names?

Some timeless and well-known peacock names include:

•King – A regal name for a male peacock.

•Prince – Suggesting nobility and beauty.

•Blue – Simple but referring to the peacock’s striking feathers.

•Pavo – The scientific name for peacocks, from the Latin word for “bird with a fan-shaped tail.”

•Argus – In Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes was a many-eyed giant. Like the peacock’s eye-spotted tail feathers.

•Mor – The peacock is the national bird of India, and Mor means peacock in Hindi.


As you can see, there are many wonderful names that would suit a peacock perfectly. Whether you want a name that highlights their colorful plumage like Azure or Sapphire, emphasizes their regal bearing such as Prince or Duke, or references mythology like Argus or Pegasus, you have lots of great options to choose from. A peacock is a unique and memorable pet, so take your time finding a name that fits your feathered friend’s personality and appearance. The name you choose will be what you call them for many years to come as you enjoy their striking beauty and charm. With so many possibilities, you’re sure to find a best peacock name.

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