200 best black cat names

200 Best Black Cat Names

200 Best Black Cat Names

So you’ve decided to adopt an adorable new black cat or Adorable black twin cat into your family. Congratulations! Now it’s time for one of the most fun parts of getting a new pet – choosing a name. You want something fitting for their sleek midnight fur and mysterious persona, a name that matches their panther-like grace and charm.

But with so many options, where do you even start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We combed through thousands of black cat names and narrowed it down to the absolute best of the best. Whether you want something spooky, witchy, mysterious or whimsical, this list has the perfect name for your new feline companion. Or you can use Pet Name Generator. Get ready for some seriously clever, cute and memorable black cat name inspiration. Your perfect match is just a few scrolls away!

Classic Best Black Cat Names From History and Mythology

Best black cat names

Some of the most classic black cat names come from history, mythology and folklore. Names like Salem, after the famous witch trials, and Binx, the name of the cat from Hocus Pocus.

Egyptian Mythology

Ancient Egyptians revered cats, especially black ones. Bastet was the cat goddess, so that makes a perfect name for a black cat. You could also go with other Egyptian names like Anubis, the god of the underworld, or Cleopatra, the famous queen.

Witchy Names

Black cats and witches go hand in hand, so witch-themed names are always a great choice. Names like Magic, Spells, or Charmed would work. Or go with the name of an herb used in witchcraft, like Sage, Willow or Rosemary this names can be the best black cat names.

Spooky Names

For a spooky black cat name, consider classics like Raven, Crow, Midnight or Shadow. Or names associated with Halloween, like Pumpkin, Boo or Casper. Spooky black cat names are perfect if you have a mischievous little escape artist on your hands!

Literary Names

There are many great black cat names from literature. Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat features Pluto. Sabrina the Teenage Witch has a black cat named Salem. And in the Harry Potter series, Hermione’s cat Crookshanks proves that even half-kneazle black cats can make great companions.

With so many classic options, you really can’t go wrong when naming your black cat. Whether you choose a spooky, witchy or literary name, your ebony feline will carry it well. Now the only problem is picking a favorite!

Fun Pop Culture Inspired Best Black Cat Names

Best Black Cat Names

If you’re looking for a quirky, clever and unique name for your black feline friend, why not draw inspiration from pop culture? There are so many memorable black cats on TV, in movies and comic books.

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

This snarky black cat was Sabrina’s companion and confidant. Salem gave the show comedic relief with his witty and sarcastic comments. If your cat has a mischievous personality, Salem could be a great fit.

Bagheera from The Jungle Book

Bagheera was the wise panther who acted as a mentor to Mowgli. If your black cat seems to have an old, knowing soul, consider naming them after the jungle’s resident panther.


The Looney Tunes character Sylvester the cat was always chasing Tweety bird, to no avail. While not explicitly a black cat, Sylvester’s name would still suit a feline with a feisty and determined personality.

Catwoman’s Isis

In the Batman comics and movies, Catwoman’s faithful black cat is named Isis. A bold name for an equally bold cat.

Binx from Hocus Pocus

The cat named Binx helps save the day in the Halloween cult classic Hocus Pocus. If your black cat is brave, spirited and always there to help in times of mischief, Binx could be the perfect moniker.

There are so many more options from beloved movies, TV shows, books and comics. Have fun with it and choose a name that fits your cat’s unique personality and spirit. Pop culture inspired names are a great way to give your black cat a name with meaning that you’ll both love for years to come.

Cute Black Kitten Names for Your New Baby

Best black cat names

Coming up with a name for your new black kitten is so much fun! Consider these cute options for your little bundle of fur:

Classic Names

Some timeless names for black kittens include:

  • Midnight – The perfect name for an all-black kitty.
  • Smokey – For a kitten with a smoky gray tint to their black fur.
  • Shadow – A fitting name for a little black shadow that follows you around.
  • Charcoal – A unique name that matches their dark coat.

Sweet Names

If you want an adorable name to match your adorable new kitten, consider:

  • Licorice – A sweet name for a sweet kitty.
  • Raven – Reminiscent of a little black bird.
  • Onyx – A semi-precious black gemstone.
  • Coal – An endearing name for a dark-coated little one.

Trendy Names

Some stylish names for a black kitten include:

  • Salem – A popular black cat name inspired by the black cat in the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Binx – The black cat from the movie Hocus Pocus. A fun, trendy name.
  • Noir – A chic French name meaning “black”.
  • Jett – A sleek, dark-inspired name.

Creative Names

If you want an imaginative, one-of-a-kind name for your black kitten, consider:

  • Eclipse – When the moon blots out the sun. A cosmic-inspired name for an all-black kitty.
  • Raven – A black bird known for its intelligence.
  • Magic – Because black cats are said to bring good luck!
  • Mystique – A mysterious, enchanting name for a little black fur ball.

Choosing a name for your new black kitten is a joyful part of welcoming them into your home. Have fun with the process and pick a name that you’ll enjoy calling out for years to come! Your perfect little panther will have the cutest name in no time.

Best Black Cat Names Based on Physical Features

Best black cat names

When naming a black cat, you have lots of options to choose from based on their unique physical characteristics.

Fur Texture

If your black cat has an especially soft, silky coat, names like “Velvet,” “Satin,” or “Cashmere” could be fitting. For a fluffier feline, consider “Ebony” or “Raven”. If their fur has a slight wave or curl to it, “Ziggy” or “Crinkles” are cute choices.

Eye Color

A black cat with striking green eyes might suit a name like “Emerald” or “Jade”. For gold eyes, “Amber” or “Topaz” would be perfect. If their eyes are a deep copper shade, “Penny” or “Rusty” are charming options. For the cat with eyes that seem to pierce right through you, a name like “Onyx” or “Obsidian” is ideal.


For a particularly petite black cat, diminutive names like “Midnight”, “Licorice”, or “Pepper” are endearing. If your feline friend is on the larger side, more imposing names such as “Bear”, “Panther” or “Raven” seem fitting. An especially long, lanky cat may resemble a “Lakota” or “Salem”.


Playful, mischievous cats often suit names like “Rascal”, “Imp” or “Bandit”. For the aloof, independent kitty, “Shadow”, “Smokey” or “Noir” are perfect. An especially snuggly, social cat may resemble a “Coco” or “Lola”. The cat with a bit of ‘tude would rock a name like “Diva”, “Sassy” or “Stormy”.

Naming a black cat based on their unique qualities makes their moniker that much more meaningful. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect name that captures their distinctive spirit and essence. What will you name your little panther?

Best Black Cat Names Inspired by Food and Drink

Best black cat names

When naming a black cat, food-inspired names are a purr-fect place to start. Black cats are mysterious as the night, and dark as chocolate or coffee. Why not capture their essence with a delicious moniker?

Sweet as Can Be

For a cat as sweet as licorice or molasses, consider:

• Oreo – A classic cookie perfect for a black and white cat.

• Cocoa – Rich, dark and delicious.

• Pepper – Spicy and bold.

• Espresso – A short, concentrated burst of energy, just like a cat!

Fruity Flavors

If your cat has a vibrant personality, a fruit-inspired name may suit them well:

• Cherry – Sweet, tart and red as a berry.

• Olive – Rich, savory and the color of night.

• Raisin – Wrinkly, chewy and brown as can be.

• Prune – Wrinkly, chewy and brown as can be.

Savory Sensations

For a cat with a hint of spice or herbal aroma, consider a savory name:

• Sage – Earthy, aromatic and gray-green.

• Basil – Fresh, zesty and bright green.

• Thyme – Fragrant, minty and evergreen.

• Rosemary – Piney, refreshing and reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

• Pepper – Spicy, zesty and sure to add flavor to your life.

• Cinnamon – Warm, vibrant, fragrant and red hot.

Whether sweet, fruity or savory, a food-inspired name is a perfect fit for your dark as night companion. Pick a name as rich, vibrant and full of flavor as your cat’s personality. A dash of spice, a hint of chocolate or a burst of espresso—find a moniker to match your cat’s essence. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect name to call your furry gourmand.

Unique Unisex Black Cat Names

Best black cat names

When naming a black cat, consider a unisex name that embraces their mysteriousness or a characteristic like their big, bright eyes. Unisex names work for male or female cats. Here are some unique, unisex name options for your ebony feline:

•Midnight – The classic name for a black cat. Simple but striking.

•Onyx – A semiprecious black gemstone. Sophisticated and sleek.

•Shadow – Mysterious, dark and always by your side.

•Raven – A black bird of lore. Intelligent, quirky and unique.

• Ebony – A hard, dark wood. Chic, stylish and bold.

•Ink – Dark, deep and creative.

•Sable – A black fur used for coats and paint brushes. Lavish and dramatic.

•Jet – A dense, black coal. Smooth, dark and dashing.

•Panther – A large black cat of the jungle. Ferocious yet elegant.

•Moonless Night – For a cat as dark as the sky on a moonless, starless night. Poetic and whimsical.

•Nocturne – Relating to the night. Mysterious with a musical quality.

•Umbra – The darkest part of a shadow. Obscure, shady and esoteric.

•Soot – Finely divided carbon particles produced by the incomplete burning of coal, wood, or other organic matter. Quirky, gritty name for a black cat.

•Licorice – A black, bittersweet candy. Playful name with a tinge of sass.

•Pitch – A dark, tar-like substance. Simple, short name with depth.

For an extra special moniker, consider pairing two of these names, like Midnight Raven, Shadow Panther or Ebony Onyx. A unisex name as enigmatic as your mysterious, ebony feline is the perfect choice. Sweet, sassy or sublime, one of these names will suit your black cat’s unique personality.

Best Black Cat Names From Around the World

Best black cat names

When choosing a name for your black cat, consider looking to other cultures for inspiration. Some exotic names from around the world that are perfect for a panther-like feline include:

Arabic Names

  • Layla – means “night” or “dark beauty”
  • Zora – means “dawn” or “darkness”
  • Kuro – means “black” in Japanese

Egyptian Names

The ancient Egyptians revered black cats. Some names from that era include:

  • Bastet – Egyptian cat goddess
  • Anubis – god of the underworld, often depicted with a jackal head

Celtic Names

  • Dubh (pronounced “doo”) – means “black” or “dark”
  • Donnacha (pronounced “dun-ack-a”) – means “dark warrior”

Nordic Names

  • Svart (pronounced “svart”) – means “black” in Swedish
  • Myra – means “blackbird” in Swedish

You could also consider names of famous black cats from myths, movies, TV shows, books, and more, such as:

  • Lucifer – the black cat from Cinderella
  • Salem – the talking black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Bagheera – the black panther from The Jungle Book
  • Luna – the black cat from Sailor Moon
  • Midnight – a classic name for a black cat

Choosing a name from another culture or one that has meaning is a great way to find a unique moniker for your ebony-furred feline companion. Scan through these international options or do some research on your own to find a perfect name that reflects your cat’s dark beauty and mysterious nature.


So there you have it, 200 best black cat names for your stunning black feline friend. With such a wide range of creative options, you’re sure to find something perfect for that mysterious panther-like companion curled up on your lap or a Unique Twin Cat. Whether you choose a Popular cat name or classic like Midnight or Smokey, or want to go bold with something like Raven, Onyx or Jett, your sleek little shadow is sure to live up to whatever clever moniker you bestow.

Now the only thing left to do is snuggle up with that ebony fur ball, gaze into those bright eyes, and start trying out names until you find the one that makes those pointy ears perk up. Sweet dreams, you little voids! May you and your dark darling have many happy years of purrs and play together.If You Want more names then visit our tool – Pet Name Generator

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